The Web 2.0 approach

In my first blog post I will preach about Web 2.0.

I am no expert on Web 2.0 but I do know a bit about it and I am a huge supporter of the things it can do namely, taking a leaf from Wikipedia, sharing the wealth of all human knowledge.

Participating in the biggest Web 2.0 ‘invention’, Wiki’s (Wikipedia is the biggest Wiki by far) can enable anyone to get any information into the world. I actively participate in Wikinews, which makes me the top 30 contributor there. I only write stories that interest me, which is mainly New Zealand topical news. This means that a huge amount of people are getting to know the small country of New Zealand thanks to Wikinews.

Another cool thing about Web 2.0 is RSS feeds. I have started to use them with Feedreader and think they are a great way of getting your content out that would otherwise be missed by your loyal or occasional readers, because of failure to often visit the website., and the other social bookmarking sites, is another way to get information out, if you like the competitive nature of Digg. Digg is good, but it seems that the only way for the content to be noticed is by having a valuable, trusted reputation. Similar to wiki’s, where your edits, or in Digg’s case, submissions, will be closely watched and monitored if you are a “noob”, but if you are a valuable contributor, or volunteer, then your edits are more unlikely to be monitored as close.


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