Ubuntu so far

I have been using Ubuntu quite a lot lately and I have to say, I like it!

Using the 64bit version of Ubuntu (a form of Linux) is quite a struggle as not all software and programs are suited towards the 64bit, but the 32bit form. So a bit of hunting over the Internet is required to either find a way to get, say Picasa, to work on Ubuntu 64bit.

I am a self-confessed geek when it comes to Windows, but with Ubuntu, I pale in comparison to those who can use the terminal with ease.

Despite these problems, I have found Ubuntu quite enjoyable, with a nice, pleasing interface, and not overdone. It also has great security, but maybe a little too good. Passwords are a must for any user account (though hacking can overcome this obstacle). And, seeing as my primary use of the computer is the Internet, Ubuntu can basically do everything I need it to do. And when I need to do other stuff, I just dual boot into Windows XP Home Edition.

If you want a good alternative to Windows and can’t shell out enough for a Mac, or agree with Linus Torvalds when he said, “My personal opinion of Mac is not very high. Frankly, it’s a piece of crap. It contains all the design mistakes you can make, and even managed to make up a few of its own.” Linux/Ubuntu would be the best option to go for.


1 Response to “Ubuntu so far”

  1. 1 Not true August 9, 2007 at 3.32 am

    How can you say that Ubuntu is better than both MS Windows and Mac OS X (you implied it). Ubuntu pales in comparison. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I do see why people would use Ubuntu, but Ubuntu is not a complete OS. Ubuntu does not make installing third party software easy. They make it as hard as they can in my opinion. Ubuntu is a terrible OS for ordinary users. No one should ever tell someone to use it. It has all the flaws you can think of. The big one is not their fault but i will stated anyways. No one makes hardware for ubuntu everything neeeds to be configure eventuall in terminal to work propertly. Try installing FIrefox 2.x on Ubuntu not easy. On MS or Mac your two cliok away from installing your firefox and it autamatically imports everything and it works great no errors(usually). Sure Ubuntu is free, but to be honest just for 150 dollars you can save your self thousands of hours of configuring and disconfiguring. What your conclusion should have been was this one. Ubuntu is a great free OS alternative to MS and Mac, and while both of those platforms have mistakes of their own the fact is that Ubuntu is not for the ordinary user.

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