Britannica and Wikipedia creates irony

Encyclopædia Britannica is a featured article on Wikipedia and is today the main page featured article. This means that, in effect, Wikipedia is advertising Britannica.

Although seeing as Britannica often states that Wikipedia is bad and contains false information, the Britannica entry should not be taken seriously and must be viewed in the same context as Uncyclopedia.

Wikinews has a fuller story. It’s even in French.


2 Responses to “Britannica and Wikipedia creates irony”

  1. 1 Concerned August 9, 2007 at 7.40 am

    Wikia, Incorporated, is a seperate for-profit company owned by Jimbo Wales. It’s funny how ALL of Wikipedia has “nofollow” on their URLs… except to and external links (Amazon invested $10,000,000 in Wikipedia, public record).

    Why is that?

  2. 2 Gabriel Pollard August 9, 2007 at 4.11 pm

    That’s interesting. While I am not sure about the linking, the Wikia linking is probably due to them knowing that the site is genuine, and isn’t trying to “game” Wikipedia for link juice, etc.

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