Prince says: too ugly for the web

Because the artist formerly known as Prince is so ugly, he doesn’t want anyone to see him on the Internet. Or, that’s how I interpreted it anyway.

Prince issued legal notices to several fan sites telling them to take down anything that contained his face, or any other likeness.

And also, to make matters worse, the Reuters article says:

Some Prince fans were surprised at the artist’s threat to sue, pointing out that the 49-year-old was seen as a pioneer of online music distribution. He won an Internet award last year for “reshaping the relationship between artist and fan.”

But thankfully, the fans will fight this dumass:

“The law clearly provides for displaying of images of a celebrity’s likeness for newsworthy events or matters which are considered to be public interest,” [fans] said.

Don’t be mistaken, this is not a fan site. I seriously hate this guy.

He also tried to “reclaim the Internet” earlier this year.


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