10 gigabit Internet please?

Australia and the United States were connected together at a whopping 1 gigbit per second Internet speed. The University of Melbourne, Australia and the University of California San Deigo, America were able to communicate together in real time, as if they were standing together in the same room.

The speed they were able to attain was around 250 times greater than the average broadband speed in Melbourne.

If this technology is actually available, then why aren’t Governments queuing to deliver this to every household in their country? Sure, it will cost a lot, but super fast Internet can increase a country’s economy. Companies will be able to operate straight out of, say New Zealand, and trade with other countries like America. BRING IT ON!


2 Responses to “10 gigabit Internet please?”

  1. 1 Alex February 11, 2008 at 12.38 am

    You know there is faster connections than that, using reflectors, lasers, and receivers, a man was able to network his house with an ethernet speed of LIGHTSPEED, that’s because the lasers could carry data as fast as they could travel themselves…

    That’s like a Zebibyte per second or something….

    … 2 and a half zebibytes are how much data can be stored in DNA…

  2. 2 zeta May 22, 2009 at 7.16 pm

    this has nothing to do with speed. the data goes from point a to point b at the same rate of speed, but more data concurrently travels over the wires for more throughput.

    “2 and a half zebibytes are how much data can be stored in DNA…”

    what the hell are you babbling about? even uncompressed, you can fit the whole human genome on a single layer dvd-r. you can make a chromosome as long as you’d like, so there’s no limit to how many bases you can stick in there.

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