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Go for it; Singapore backtracks on decision

On Friday I blogged about Singapore banning a game that showed two females – an alien and a human – kissing each other. Well it turns out that Singapore has gone back on this decision and have decided to put a M18 rating on the game.

Mass Effect is the first video game to be given a rating. The system was set to be implemented early next year.


Hot alien lesbian love not ok says Singapore

Singapore has banned the Microsoft video game, Mass Effect, due to a scene where an alien woman and a human woman kiss each other.

Two other video games have been banned in Singapore before. God of War 2 for nudity, and The Darkness for excessive violence and blasphemy.

In Singapore it is also illegal for two men to have sex, and will not allow special rights for homosexuals.

Prince says: too ugly for the web

Because the artist formerly known as Prince is so ugly, he doesn’t want anyone to see him on the Internet. Or, that’s how I interpreted it anyway.

Prince issued legal notices to several fan sites telling them to take down anything that contained his face, or any other likeness.

And also, to make matters worse, the Reuters article says:

Some Prince fans were surprised at the artist’s threat to sue, pointing out that the 49-year-old was seen as a pioneer of online music distribution. He won an Internet award last year for “reshaping the relationship between artist and fan.”

But thankfully, the fans will fight this dumass:

“The law clearly provides for displaying of images of a celebrity’s likeness for newsworthy events or matters which are considered to be public interest,” [fans] said.

Don’t be mistaken, this is not a fan site. I seriously hate this guy.

He also tried to “reclaim the Internet” earlier this year.

Censorship occuring in Australia

A new bill has been introduced into the Senate in Australia that will see websites that promote terrorism and cyber-crime websites added to a block list.

This ISP will then be contacted and further action will be undertaken by the ISPs.

This is seriously a bad law to even be introduced in the first place. Firstly, this will do absolutely nothing to stop these websites as it will only apply if the website is hosted in Australia by an Australian ISP. Most of these terrorism websites will be hosted elsewhere where no law like this applies.

Also, it is bad that they have delegated the task to the ISP, as this will hugely burden the ISP.

Rockstar wants to reclaim the Internet

Rockstar, Prince's name (or is his name 3121*?), has said he wants to “reclaim the Internet” and sue YouTube, eBay and The Pirate Bay for obvious reasons; they encourage copyright infringment.

He has hired firm Web Sherrif to monitor for any illegal content. But I wouldn’t trust that company, look at their hideous website, and I wonder if they have copyright permission for these images? I have a funny feeling that they do not.

There’s nothing he can do, becuase like the President of Web Sherrif, John Giacobbi, says, “In the past couple of weeks, we have removed about 2,000 infringing clips from YouTube. We get them down and the next day, there are 100 or 200 more.”

And The Pirate Bay sure as hell aren’t going to listen, look at all their ignored legal threats! One of the co-founders of the Bay, Peter Sunde, says that their spam filter will help take care of the threats. Web Sheriff has previously contacted The Pirate Bay over illegal content for their client, the White Stripes (which is on their legal section page).

*Prince's name‘s website address is but I wouldn’t sign up for his website, as it states: “Sign up 2day [sic] and get connected with 3,121 Email Newsletters…”

Full story on here.

Student bloggers have less freedom: judge

An American district court judge has declined to give a high school student an injuntion to be class secretary after her school refused to let her act as the secretary when it was revelead she had written derogatory comments about the school.

Avery Doninger, a student at Lewis S. Mills High School in Burlington, Connecticut, had requested the injunction claiming she was free to write what she wanted under the First Amendment; free speech.

Wikinews (link above): “[The judge] reasoned that the blogs’ arguable on-campus nature together with Supreme Courts precedents that students have more limited free speech rights while on campus combined to give Doninger a weak case.”

While she shouldn’t even be in the predicament as anyone’s online activities should not be restricted or censored in anyway, why does she want to be a class secretary so much (showing my American ignorance?)? The Doninger family even said that they will appeal this decision and continue with their original lawsuit against the school.

Great Firewall of China starts crumbling

The University of Cambridge has declared that they have been able to get around the Great Firewall of China. As well as this, they have been able to execute D.O.S. attacks using the firewall.

The Cambridge University computer experts managed to circumvent the keyword detection and blocking system by simply (probably not, but sounds simple) ignoring the intrusion by the firewall.

The academics managed to initiate denial of service (DOS) attacks against Chinese IP addresses. Humourly, it could be used to attack the Chinese Government. ZDNet said, “If an attacker had identified the machines used by regional government offices, they could block access to Windows Update, or prevent Chinese embassies abroad from accessing specific Chinese Web content.”

More information can be found on the ZDNet article, Academics break the Great Firewall of China.

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