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Go for it; Singapore backtracks on decision

On Friday I blogged about Singapore banning a game that showed two females – an alien and a human – kissing each other. Well it turns out that Singapore has gone back on this decision and have decided to put a M18 rating on the game.

Mass Effect is the first video game to be given a rating. The system was set to be implemented early next year.


Play a game and help the world

FreeRice is a new game that will donate 10 grains of rice for every vocab question you get right.

For each word you get right, they donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program with the help of their sponsors, such as iTunes, Fujitsu, etc.

So, you are doing two good things for the world. The first, you are helping third-world countries struggling with poverty, and secondly you are helping the world in general because we wont have to suffer from intolerable language problems! :P.

So far I have donated 800 (80 questions) grains of rice, but I haven’t stopped playing yet! A total of 1,897,053,670 grains of rice has been donated as of November 14, 2007.

FreeRice is a sister site to

Hot alien lesbian love not ok says Singapore

Singapore has banned the Microsoft video game, Mass Effect, due to a scene where an alien woman and a human woman kiss each other.

Two other video games have been banned in Singapore before. God of War 2 for nudity, and The Darkness for excessive violence and blasphemy.

In Singapore it is also illegal for two men to have sex, and will not allow special rights for homosexuals.

Virtual stealing = physical prison

A Dutch teenager has been arrested by police after stealing fake furniture worth a real NZ$7,653.  Who knew that people would pay that much to own something they couldn’t use…?

The social networking site, Habbo Hotel, was – allegedly – hacked into by the 17-year-old and has been accused of stealing fake furniture and using the ‘stolen’ goods in his own virtual room.

Wii are the champions

According to game magazine, Enterbrain, for every one Playstation 3 sold, over four Nintendo Wii’s have been bought.

The Wii has sold around 1.6 million consoles in just ~26 weeks, while in that same time frame, 385,492 Playstation 3’s were sold.

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