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Flickr to do video too

I use Flickr quite a bit to post what I perceive as some of my best photographs to the site, so it is with bewilderment that I hear that Flickr is to launch a beta version of a video sharing service next month.

Yahoo! owns Flickr and I can understand that they would like to take away some of the market share Google currently experiences with its video-sharing service, YouTube.

Frankly I would like Flickr to remain a pure photography site, adding video just ruins that experience, doesn’t it?  I have various websites I use before going elsewhere: YouTube for videos, Flickr for photographs, Smaps for mapping in New Zealand, The New Zealand Herald for news, etc, etc.

Change comes when a service you use can no longer fulfill a need and the other website can and then some. I’m not about to change anytime soon.


When Creative Commons fails the commoners

UPDATE: They have now attributed me after contacting them, but this still goes to show that adhering to proper licensing is good practice. 

I like photography and I licence all my photographs and written pieces (including this blog and all posts too) under a Creative Commons licence.

But when people take my work without crediting the author, well that just bugs me because they took something that was free but didn’t have the courtesy to acknowledge the source.

In this case I am referring to a photograph I took of local politician, Clayton Cosgrove (MP for Waimakariri if you needed to know). The National Business Review were the ones who took the photograph and didn’t credit the source, despite having previously done so correctly.

I am pleased that The NBR (or media in general) are using my work, but what they did was theft (copyright infringement) because they didn’t abide by the licensing terms of attribution.

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Creative Commons and Virgin sued

Note, I realise I am a little late in posting this, but just found out that action was taken as a result of their advertising campaign. Virgin and the Creative Commons Corporation are being sued because Virgin used photographs taken from Flickr for their advertising campaign.

The reason Virgin is being sued is because they claim the photographs were used in a derogatory way, the accompanying text said “Dump your pen friend.” Now that is understandable, but they did put in on the World Wide Web, and put it under a commercial and allowed derivative works to be made from the family portrait. So, you would say that it is their own fault in this. Well, Creative Commons comes in here. They are suing Creative Commons Corporation for not telling him what commercial use meant.

If he didn’t want his work to be used in any way, he just had to not change the licence and left it under full copyright.

I’m in the news – update

Yesterday I was featured in an article in the Sunday magazine that comes with The Sunday Star-Times. The article was about six primary and secondary school students and what they will be doing in these school holidays.

I talked to the reporter, Rose Hoare, about Wikinews, Wikipedia and the photography I do. I also had a photograph taken for the article.

It was a nice article and was one of the longest featured, and she didn’t put all the information I provided her with in!

UPDATE: The article has been published online now. However, it only contains one photograph, which is not mine.

New camera for those who are just dumb

Sony have revealed a new digital camera in the Cyber-shot series that wont take a picture until a person in the frame is smiling.

Yep, if you are too dumb or blind to see if a person is smiling, then this camera is for you. But, even if you are blind you will probably need a much better camera than this, so I will just say that you have to be dumb.

I mean, who will say “Hmm, I wonder if that person is smiling? I can’t tell, so I’ll just let the camera decide for me…”?

The face detection technology in the Fujifilm cameras is good, because it focuses on faces, not waiting until a person smiles.

And, most importantly, the best photographs of people are when they are not smiling and are unaware that the photograph is being taken (candid).

New digital camera

Fujifilm FinePix S9600I love photography, so much so that I have bought a new digital camera. The new camera is a Fujifilm FinePix S9600.

It is an upgrade from my previous digital camera, a Fujifilm FinePix s3500.  Can you see a pattern emerging here?!

I have had the new camera for about half a day, and I love the camera. It makes me look very important, and professional carrying around a huge, professional type camera.

It isn’t a DSLR, but it is just as good. Boasts 9 megapixels, 10.7x optical zoom, zoom and focus rings and a top ISO speed of 1800 (which, apparently, is not found on many digital cameras).

The photo of the camera above was found on Flickr, and was uploaded by Finkangel. I have an account on Flickr which currently is housing photographs from my old camera.

Now a published photographer

I am now a published photographer in The National Business Review (NBR) for their story that Clayton Cosgrove is in.

I took a photograph of New Zealand member of parliament (MP), Clayton Cosgrove last year when he was formally opening a million dollar bridge in my area.

I then uploaded that photograph to the Wikimedia Commons, and put it on his Wikipedia entry (seems all New Zealand MP’s have an entry).

Looks like The National Business Review didn’t have a photograph to accompany their story featuring Cosgrove, so chose to use mine (cropped), and placed credit that I was the photographer (when ever I upload a photograph on the Commons under a Creative Commons licence, I require credit to be placed with the photograph).

I have also had a photograph published in a magazine-type publication called, Landnotes by Landcare. They published, along with credit, a photograph I took of a farm to go along with their article about that farm. Though they did spell my name wrongly, instead of Gabriel Pollard, they put Gabrial Pollard. Oh well.

Pretty awesome to have photographs published, especially in The National Business Review!

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