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Internet addiction = mental illness

A psychologist has come out and said that having an addiction to the Internet, and technology in general, is the equivalent to having a mental illness.

You may have this illness if you cannot bear to be away from a computer, always wanting the newest and latest equipment, wanting to spend more time on your computer, and experiencing the negative repercussions of their addiction.

And it’s not just the Internet, it’s any form of instant communication such as text messaging with a mobile phone.Google Web History

I’ve attached my Google Web History statistics for the month of February, 2008, so you can make up your mind whether or not I am addicted to the Internet using its colour coding for the number of webpages visited (total Google searches is not just for February). I can also tell you that since the start of March I have sent 314 text messages – not a lot compared to some of my friends.


Duty calls

I found this funny cartoon (attached below) via this blog. Cartoon by xkcd and licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.

What do you want me to do?  LEAVE?  Then they'll keep being wrong!

File sharing could be legal in Canada

A plan introduced to end the illegal use of file sharing programs in Canada by the Songwriters Association of Canada has been welcomed by some, shot down by others. The plan will set an annual fee of around C$60 for unlimited and legal access to file sharing portals.

The C$5 monthly fee would be automatically added to the bill of all Canadian Internet users.

Basically you are getting all the songs you want for a very small fee, an idea I think is great. Avril Lavigne, among other artists, agrees.

However, the idea has been slammed by Internet service providers (ISP) because they do not want to be the ones who have to harvest a “tax”.

It’s 2008 people, wth are you doing thinking about 2007?

Wikinews has compiled a quiz of the year 2007 (the one just been for those inebriated). It only covers topics of high interest that were published on the international news site. So that means the questions have a world wide event slant on them.

Sadly there were no questions on New Zealand events, despite there being two reports on the anti-terror raids around the country late last year.

Take the quiz (link below) to see how well you know about the events of last year, and see if you can beat my score of 32/51!


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Virtual stealing = physical prison

A Dutch teenager has been arrested by police after stealing fake furniture worth a real NZ$7,653.  Who knew that people would pay that much to own something they couldn’t use…?

The social networking site, Habbo Hotel, was – allegedly – hacked into by the 17-year-old and has been accused of stealing fake furniture and using the ‘stolen’ goods in his own virtual room.

Males can only play male avatars

If you play King of the World, a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), and you have found that your account has been frozen, don’t worry, it’s only because you played a female character while being male in real life.

I’m not sure why they are doing this, seems very, very strange and probably sets a precedent. A lot of gamers play as female characters when they are in fact males; this ban affects over 17,000 players. And, one of the lures of online gaming is that you can play something that you are not in real life.

World of Warcraft, another MMORPG, says 84% of account holders are male, while 35% of characters are female.

And if you do want to play as a female avatar, then you’ll have to confirm your gender via webcam (could that be a problem for this guy?).

This ban is one sided, though. If you’re a female and wish to play a male character; no problems, just play away!

Creative Commons and Virgin sued

Note, I realise I am a little late in posting this, but just found out that action was taken as a result of their advertising campaign. Virgin and the Creative Commons Corporation are being sued because Virgin used photographs taken from Flickr for their advertising campaign.

The reason Virgin is being sued is because they claim the photographs were used in a derogatory way, the accompanying text said “Dump your pen friend.” Now that is understandable, but they did put in on the World Wide Web, and put it under a commercial and allowed derivative works to be made from the family portrait. So, you would say that it is their own fault in this. Well, Creative Commons comes in here. They are suing Creative Commons Corporation for not telling him what commercial use meant.

If he didn’t want his work to be used in any way, he just had to not change the licence and left it under full copyright.

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