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Flickr to do video too

I use Flickr quite a bit to post what I perceive as some of my best photographs to the site, so it is with bewilderment that I hear that Flickr is to launch a beta version of a video sharing service next month.

Yahoo! owns Flickr and I can understand that they would like to take away some of the market share Google currently experiences with its video-sharing service, YouTube.

Frankly I would like Flickr to remain a pure photography site, adding video just ruins that experience, doesn’t it?  I have various websites I use before going elsewhere: YouTube for videos, Flickr for photographs, Smaps for mapping in New Zealand, The New Zealand Herald for news, etc, etc.

Change comes when a service you use can no longer fulfill a need and the other website can and then some. I’m not about to change anytime soon.


Hulu launches officially

I blogged earlier about how I like Hulu and how I am able to use it, well tomorrow, New Zealand-time, is the official launch of the online television show hub. Warner Bros., Lionsgate, NBA and NHL have jumped on board to offer more content.

And not only is Hulu offering full-length TV shows with little advertisements, but is also offering full-length movies such as Knight Rider.

The launch doesn’t mean it is available elsewhere though, it is still currently limited to U.S. users.

The future of television today

I’ve been using Hulu, a website offering streaming full length TV shows for free, quite a bit recently. Hulu is made up from NBC and News Corporation (FOX).

The main television show I have been watching is Family Guy; I have also been watching a couple of episodes of Monk, and Bones. Other shows that are available I watch on normal TV anyway, so there’s no point in doubling up.

The best thing I like about this service is that there are very few ads during what would be an hour show with full ad breaks.

You may wonder how a New Zealand-citizen is accessing the content that is supposed to be locked to all non-US based IP addresses. Good question. I am using a service first highlighted to me by fellow New Zealand blogger, James Fleet, at Half-Geek.

This service called Hotspot Shield by AnchorFree creates a virtual private network (VPN). According to Espen, which told his readers which in turned informed Half-Geek’s readers, the service does this: “VPN creates a “tunnel” connecting a computer on the outside of a network with another computer on the inside. In our case we will connect to a computer in the U.S. making us appear as we are there as well.”

I’ve enjoyed my experience with Hulu so far, and I hope more television networks hope on board this site to make it even better. The only thing they could change is make it into an archive service as well, instead of removing shows after they’ve aired for a set time-frame.

New Zealand’s local television on demand service doesn’t remove television shows once they have been uploaded, and they are set to make all their content they carry free and without DRM protection once downloaded.

Bill Gates’ last day at the office

An extremely funny video has been made by Microsoft (no, really!) featuring Bill Gates’ and detailing his “last day at the office”. Link to the video below.
Video: Bill Gates Last Day CES Clip

Full TV shows for free in their entirety

News Corporation and NBC have joined together to start a new online TV site with the programmes being available for free to watch. Two new corporations have now joined Hulu, Sony and MGM.

The new website will allow to watch full TV shows such as House, The Simpsons, and more. And if you find a funny clip from one of these shows, you can crop the movie and send the clip to your friends for them to watch!

This will appease many, including YouTube. I would suspect they are tired with all the copyrighted material being constantly uploaded. However, YouTube will still remain the place for TV show clips to be uploaded until all studios line up for Hulu.

There’s a review of the new service here:

YouTube adds ads

YouTube has decided to add overlay adds to the bottom of videos.

However these ads are, of course seeing as Google owns YouTube, contenxtually related and will only appear on some videos.

A full article is here:

YouTube catches thief

A man who stole a laptop at a computer shop in New Zealand had the video footage put up on popular video site, YouTube for him later to be caught.

Google’s YouTube was the direct result of the guy being identified as 50-year-old, Dawson Anthony Bliss. Oh yeah, and he did the robbery in broad daylight, that was probably a big mistake too. I would also be surpised to find a computer store that didn’t have decent video surveillance like this computer shop did.

He was convicted in court yesterday for theft; he was ordered to pay NZ$1990 in reperation and had to pay $2000 in fines.

This news has made headlines internationally.

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