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Flickr to do video too

I use Flickr quite a bit to post what I perceive as some of my best photographs to the site, so it is with bewilderment that I hear that Flickr is to launch a beta version of a video sharing service next month.

Yahoo! owns Flickr and I can understand that they would like to take away some of the market share Google currently experiences with its video-sharing service, YouTube.

Frankly I would like Flickr to remain a pure photography site, adding video just ruins that experience, doesn’t it?  I have various websites I use before going elsewhere: YouTube for videos, Flickr for photographs, Smaps for mapping in New Zealand, The New Zealand Herald for news, etc, etc.

Change comes when a service you use can no longer fulfill a need and the other website can and then some. I’m not about to change anytime soon.


Full TV shows for free in their entirety

News Corporation and NBC have joined together to start a new online TV site with the programmes being available for free to watch. Two new corporations have now joined Hulu, Sony and MGM.

The new website will allow to watch full TV shows such as House, The Simpsons, and more. And if you find a funny clip from one of these shows, you can crop the movie and send the clip to your friends for them to watch!

This will appease many, including YouTube. I would suspect they are tired with all the copyrighted material being constantly uploaded. However, YouTube will still remain the place for TV show clips to be uploaded until all studios line up for Hulu.

There’s a review of the new service here:

Google joins in the election

Well the electioneering for the 2007 Austrailan Elections is starting and in the excitement, Google has joined in the fight. Google has set up it’s own site with the latest election news, YouTube videos from the politicians and their party’s and a Google election channel as well.

Rockstar wants to reclaim the Internet

Rockstar, Prince's name (or is his name 3121*?), has said he wants to “reclaim the Internet” and sue YouTube, eBay and The Pirate Bay for obvious reasons; they encourage copyright infringment.

He has hired firm Web Sherrif to monitor for any illegal content. But I wouldn’t trust that company, look at their hideous website, and I wonder if they have copyright permission for these images? I have a funny feeling that they do not.

There’s nothing he can do, becuase like the President of Web Sherrif, John Giacobbi, says, “In the past couple of weeks, we have removed about 2,000 infringing clips from YouTube. We get them down and the next day, there are 100 or 200 more.”

And The Pirate Bay sure as hell aren’t going to listen, look at all their ignored legal threats! One of the co-founders of the Bay, Peter Sunde, says that their spam filter will help take care of the threats. Web Sheriff has previously contacted The Pirate Bay over illegal content for their client, the White Stripes (which is on their legal section page).

*Prince's name‘s website address is but I wouldn’t sign up for his website, as it states: “Sign up 2day [sic] and get connected with 3,121 Email Newsletters…”

Full story on here.

Power to the people

Another criminal has been caught with the power of social media. A teenager in London was filmed driving around 220 k/ph with the footage being uploaded onto YouTube – by himself.

The 19-year-old teenager, driving a Ford Escort, was driving on the A76 single-carriageway road in southwest Scotland with his behaviour being described by Sergeant Scott McLachlan, from the Roads Policing Unit at Dumfries and Galloway police, as “completely foolish behaviour.”

This is similar in some ways to the New Zealander who was identified on Google-owned YouTube stealing a laptop from a computer store.

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