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Let me go offline

While the EEE PC is geared and optimised towards the Internet, I can’t exactly use it’s primary purpose when I am out and about. There’s the problem.

I use Google Docs quite a bit, so it would be quite handy for me if I was working on a laptop (like the EEE PC, which I want to get) and that I could edit a document offline, then the next time I connected to the Internet, it would automatically synchronise everything.

Would be very handy for those who travel and doesn’t always have access to an Internet connection.

Or how about letting me download all my emails (Gmail) and RSS feeds and then if I go offline all of sudden, letting me still read and reply to those emails. Once the Internet has been restored all messages are sent.

I realise that Google Reader (which I use) has an option to download RSS feeds for offline use, but how about doing it in the background automatically (turned off by default though, of course).

If and when I get a laptop all I want from it is virtually the same functionality as I get from my desktop, but with the ability to move it around and still work on it when I am offline. Is that too much to ask?


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