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ODF meet your new enemy: OOXML

Microsoft’s Office Open XML (OOXML) document format has been adopted as an international document standard and joins the likes of ODF and PDF (yes, there’s a lot of acronyms).

I will echo what Knowledge Economy International, which campaigns for fairer access to knowledge, says: “We are disappointed,” (the director, James Love).

I don’t see why we need two document formats (PDF excluded) as an ISO-standard, especially when OOXML has 6,000 pages of code whereas ODF has a mere 860 pages. This, apparently, makes the two formats incompatible, “…many experts argue that translation between the two is too incomplete to allow true interoperability – a concept that Microsoft has recently publicly embraced,” Reuters says.

Who can we blame for the adopting of OOXML? Well, the United States, Britain, Germany and Japan, according to the OpenDoc Society, to name a few. I’m just glad that I can say that opponents not only included China and India but also New Zealand.


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